I Support Israel…But Israel Needs Jesus

About the time you think the Obama administration could not act any more stupidly, they find a way to dispel that notion. Today, social media (and main stream media) has exploded over this administrations abstention at the U.N. Security Council meeting concerning settlements on the West Bank and the follow-up slap by Secretary of State John Kerry who ostensibly suggested that Israel give up it’s “Jewishness” to be at peace with its neighbors. Where to begin? What could be added to the onslaught of blog’s and articles eviscerating Obama and Kerry for pulling the proverbial diplomatic rug out from under a long time ally, Israel?

Perhaps simply this…

I support Israel…

But Israel still needs Jesus.

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I Can’t Fight the Santa War

I am diving into the controversy of the ages…a place even angels fear to tread…you guessed it…the Santa-war.

I am reading about a dozen different sites which appear every holiday season concerning the Santa dilemma. Should we or shouldn’t we? Is it harmless or evil? Will kids have fun or be ultimately harmed?

Silly me…

I have decided to jump in…

Short version…Santa is not the problem…at least not the main one…and I can’t fight this war.

Long version…
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How Many Moments Shall We Miss?

This week, John Kasich, a self-identified pro-life governor of Ohio, vetoed a “Heartbeat Bill” which would ostensibly abolish abortion after detection of the baby’s heartbeat in the womb (as early as 6 weeks); and instead signed a 20-week abortion ban. The reasoning Kasich offered was the “Heartbeat” bill was clearly unconstitutional and the state would have to spend untold amounts of money in defending it while the 20 week ban was more feasible in “sustaining the sanctity of human life”. Tell that to the 19 week old baby in the womb…but I digress from my point.

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