In the last post, I mentioned the crucial role of parents in protecting their children’s and family destiny. One of the realities of Christian parenting in an adverse and hostile culture is the reality that the word “no” seems to be said exponentially more than the word “yes”. I wish it were not so, but the sad reality is that our adversary, the devil, is relentless in seeking to detour and destroy the destiny and purpose of God’s people. That being said, anytime we can say “yes”, especially to the Will of God, is all the more important and critical. We protect our family’s future, as well as facilitate the purposes and callings of God.

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REBUILDING THE CHRISTIAN FAMILY #2: Establishing Family Convictions

Americans love their independence and a sense of democracy, but have an interesting curiosity and romanticism with monarchies. We love to follow “the Royals” and ponder what life must be like living as a Queen, Prince, or a King-to-be. We intuitively understand that life would be different on numerous levels. The wealth, perks and benefits would be incredible. The fame and adoration would be intoxicating to many people. This aspect of royalty undoubtedly consumes the majority of people’s thinking. However, to be a part of the royal family there are also standards and expectations. The perks come with a price and that price is how one is expected to conduct themselves as a part of this famous family. There are things that Royals can and cannot do. There are rules that apply to them which may not apply to the average citizen of the kingdom. Some have called this, “fish-bowl” existence and I suspect to some extent that is true. Their royal status demands a decorum and a walk that is circumscribed to their family’s destiny. To be a “Royal” is no average existence. It has family convictions and standards which all embrace. Now, it is possible to abdicate your royalty and status should you desire, but in so doing you also lose some sense of your destiny. Fair or not, that is a part of being in the family tree of kings.

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I want to start a conversation by asking a question…not a debate…not an accusation…I have no interest in lighting a fire and contributing to a firestorm of opinions, but just an honest moment of personal introspection that the Holy Spirit might use and will ultimately be determined between you and the Lord.

Just how important is your Christian Faith? Really?

I have found that what we say contrasted with how we prioritize demonstrates where our hearts truly land. We can say, “Jesus is Lord of my life and our family”, but how does that really look?

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Everyone knows that something has changed with the American Family. Compare the depiction of family in 1950’s television with 2017 and the difference is stark. The very definition of family has been radically changed much less the very environment with which we function as family. I grew up in the 1960’s and 70’s with no cell phones, only 3 channels on the TV, and rotary phones that hung on the kitchen wall. A 20 volume set of Encyclopedia Britannica on the shelf was our internet and I took photo’s on a Kodak camera that you placed at your belly and looked down into the lens. While some moms worked, most stayed at home with their kids and dad was the sole breadwinner. We laugh when we say it, but America was indeed a lot like the Cleaver household in the old sitcom, “Leave it to Beaver”, and the problems we faced were similar. Boy, have times changed. The family has been under assault since Dr. James Dobson started his radio show and writings nearly 4 decades ago. To his credit, he saw the spiraling trajectory long before most of us ever thought much about it. Unfortunately, a new generation hasn’t heeded the warnings of a previous generation and now collapse is ever closer.

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