It’s Time to Abort the Dismemberment Bill (H3548) in South Carolina

This year’s legislative season in South Carolina is once again demonstrating a significant fissure in the “pro-life” community over the political strategy of ending abortion through the tactic of incrementalism versus immediatism. This is no better revealed than by watching the debate between a House Bill (H3548) labeled “Dismemberment” and a Senate Bill (S217) labeled “Personhood”. There could be no more stark difference presented illustrating the internal debate of the pro-life community than these two bills. However, before jumping into the direct debate on the merit of each Bill, let me define the tug-of-war that exists between the two competing philosophies.
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Navigating Accused Brethren

I spent some time this morning studying the Scriptures on “false accusation”. It is no surprise that there is much to say about it. Let it suffice to say, that a wise person would have no part in it nor should they participate in it by immediately receiving an accusation which has yet to be proven in an appropriate (biblical) manner. A false accusation can literally stain a person’s reputation for years. Of all the injustices any person may face, the sting of a false accusation is sometimes the worst. There is often no way to prove you did not do what someone says you did do. It all boils down to your character, reputation, and life’s fruit.
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The Moses Initiative

Restoring the Pastor’s Voice to the Civic Arena

Sunday, April 15, 2018

April the 15th is a date seared into the American psyche as national tax day. It is the day the IRS expects payment in full the tax burden for which each American citizen is responsible. It represents many things to many people, but for a number of Americans it represents the increasing loss of personal liberty and the increasing expansion of federal tyranny. For religious Americans it represents the funding of numerous programs which violate the convictions of their faith and fuels the ever increasing hostility to religious liberty and specifically the Christian Faith.

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My apologies for the lapse in posting. I hate making excuses, but there simply has not been enough time and energy to get to everything that is currently sitting in front of me. As most of you know I am a pastor in Charleston, South Carolina, as well as the director of the Bonhoeffer Institute and the Field Director of The Alliance (A network of pastors and Christian leaders in South Carolina engaging the civic arena). I am also trying to carve out some time to complete a book I am in the midst of writing (more to come on that front). That means my life can be busy and my hands are full, especially as of late as my church (Legacy Church) is experiencing some really positive momentum and forward movement in the ministry. I’m not complaining. I’ve had some challenging days on several fronts and to now experience some blessing and a sense of favor is a sweet wave that I will ride for as long as God sees fit to make it available. That disclaimer said, it has also been a season to remind me of a great foundational principle to rebuild the Christian family which I fear has been forgotten. The principle of sacrifice.

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