What Can Donald Say to Make This All Go Away?

It is no secret to readers of this blog or my social media that I am highly skeptical of anything Trump. I have no plans at this point to vote for him and I will give my vote to a qualified 3rd party candidate. However, the question concerning the direction of this nation and Trump’s general acceptability is not without merit. I have watched this election debacle play out with no small degree of sadness and, believe it or not, compassion for Donald. He is absolutely clueless to some extent as to the can he has opened with the released tape. While my compassion will not override my obedience to Scripture, it has made me ask the question, “Is there anything Donald can say to make this all go away?”

I want to suggest that there might be a way. While it would not change the strategic way I plan to vote, it would begin to heal this nation, salvage his legacy, and restore decorum to the political process.

I suggest a press conference just a day or two before the last debate. Donald needs to give the following remarks without Teleprompter in a genuinely heart-felt and true manner:

“I want to take a few moments and return to the inappropriate and foolish words I was recorded saying some years ago. I want to first say how grateful I am for the forgiveness and love of my wife and family who have shown me unconditional love and support. It is more than I deserve. I would also like to thank those who have supported and defended me these past days through something that was indefensible. Your loyalty, kindness, and friendships have humbled me and touched my heart. I put you in a position that was not of your making. I embarrassed you and that is my fault. It is at this point concerning my heart that I need to share a few things.

I grew up and entered my adulthood having no real sense of faith in Jesus Christ or moral compass. I lived for myself and my desires. The truth is that while this one thoroughly inappropriate conversation has been revealed, there are perhaps hundreds more I have had through the years which may never be revealed. It simply unveils the fact that while I may have been a successful businessman, I have not been nearly as successful in my personal life and for that I have tremendous regrets.

Several pastors on my spiritual advisory board have contacted me and are helping me understand the gravity and the significance of this moment. I am new at this and do not always know the right words to use to communicate the depth of my sorrow. I have asked God to forgive me and I want to ask the American people to forgive me. My old life has contributed to the place we are at as a nation and I would like the chance to use the rest of my life to repair what I participated in breaking. Whether I am elected as President or not, I am going to dedicate my life to that end. I would ask the Clintons to join with me in a genuine act of repentance, seeking forgiveness from those we wronged in this manner, so that no matter who wins on November 8th this nation can truly start to heal.

I understand that for some this will appear political or strategic, but all I can say to that is time will bear witness to my sincerity. If the media chooses to focus on these things all I can say is I was wrong. There is no excuse for any man to say these type of things. If I could, I wish I could go back and redo those moments. Obviously, I cannot. So I will live in that regret and use it as a springboard to be a better man in the future.

Thank you America for listening and reflecting on what I have said. I really want the best for you and your families.”

If something like that is really in Donald’s heart, then perhaps there is yet hope for this nation.

Published byKevin Baird

Dr. Baird is an advocate for believers to live their faith 24/7 and apply it comprehensively in every area of their life. He has traveled extensively speaking on pastors engaging culture and is often solicited as a media analyst or commentator with regards to Christian views in public policy. If you would like to contact him for speaking to your group please contact him at: bairdk370@gmail.com


  • Chris Kelly

    October 11, 2016 at 7:12 pm Reply

    As always Pastor Kevin; very vood and right on.

  • Bill Montgomery

    October 11, 2016 at 7:38 pm Reply

    Kevin as I read your blog, I could actually hear Donald’s voice as I was reading this. Who knows maybe he will see your blog and begin to ponder these things and respond in like manner.

  • Peggie

    October 12, 2016 at 3:14 am Reply

    We are not electing a pastor, priest or pope. We are electing a President. If you give your vote to a third party it will count as a vote for Hillary.

    • Sam Adams

      October 15, 2016 at 12:34 am Reply

      This reasoning is why we have a criminal and a game show host for two (not the only) major party candidates. Peggie, your statement is only true because it is believed.(a lie often repeated is eventually believed) The system has built a game board for you to play on…you need to realize that you own your own individual vote, and if you step off the game board it doesn’t mean you can’t play, it means you just changed the rules. If you are a true believer you should consider endorsing a truly Godly person and one that understands the Oath they may take and the principles of our law, not a candidate because they beat the other “evil” candidate. Also understand, the President can’t really do much without the advice and CONSENT of your direct representatives. Understand that the objectives of the current administration were met with the consent of a majority “republican” congress AND Supreme Court. It appears that with your comment you didn’t read many of the articles published by Dr. Baird, but it you did and you still feel the same, i find that deeply saddening. But you are in good company because Franklin Graham, Eric Metaxes and even Ben Carson join in your sentiment. …the elect deceived? if it were even possible. Oh yeah, I think its definitely possible.

      • Stan Jones

        November 3, 2016 at 2:34 am Reply

        What a great response Sam. I have played on that game board for several decades and today I refuse to play anymore. I suppose this may sound a little preachy but here was my thought. How can a minister preach against same sex marriage and yet vote for a candidate who supports it. Doesn’t that sound like a huge credibility problem? Are we Christians allowed to say on voting day, “Just kidding?” All I hear is “But he’s changed. Does that means he’s gotten rid of his escort service or made restitution to residents he’s evicted from their homes via imminent domain? I viewed this whole election as a chance for the church to make a stand for (dare I say) righteousness. If we really believe Chr 7:14 then perhaps we may have seen God work in a way that none of us had anticipated. Instead, the evangelical crowd caved and the moral decay will continue to worsen as the church seems to have lost it salt as it has become silent on repentance while embracing a man of sin. It is not man who makes a nation great but the Bible say “Righteousness exalts a nation.” From a voter’s point of view, the only way to get this thing turned around is to get off the game board and vote the values upon which this country was founded.

  • Tammy

    October 12, 2016 at 11:36 pm Reply

    He asked God to forgive him, his family and wife. He also told America that he was sorry. That is enough for me. Those who are without sin cast the first stone . It seems to me some of the high and mighty Christians aren’t forgiving as they should. It makes me wonder if these same Christians had been alive in Jesus’s day if they would have been one of the Pharisees that said crucify Him. It’s a sad day when we as Christians can’t forgive when asked. No wonder people are not wanting to go to the house of the Lord and be saved when that kind of so called Christians inhabit those hallowed halls. Maybe the leaders of churches and scholars should look in the mirror and see if Jesus would be happy with what they see. Love above all else and forgive. Aren’t we suppose to forgive 70 times 7? I myself have had a past I’m not proud of. But I praise my God everyday for the forgiveness , mercy and grace I received when I asked. I think how I would feel if that was me how I would feel. God forgave me and I will do no less for trump. No he isn’t perfect but none of us are. You may be someone who has done most everything right in your life but God used the worst kind of people in the Bible to change things and bring people to Him. How amazing would it be if trump was used the same way. Prayer is the key and faith. Not in a man but God! My God can change and move anyone , including myself. Let’s come together and love, forgive and pray. Not condemn.

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