Why We Keep Getting Poor Candidate Choices (Intro)

I recently posted in a Facebook thread and on my wall the quick 6-question outline of how a Christian should vet a potential candidate for civil office. I posted it without much explanation or elaboration as the clock was ticking towards the South Carolina primary. Yes, I am leaning towards a specific candidate (full disclosure) and yes, I think Donald Trump is a serious mistake. I understand that statement alone will be enough for some to cheer or jeer; however, I want to explore beyond personal preference and emotion. I especially want to put some thoughts on the Facebook table for the Christian community at large and the clergy community in particular to chew on. This is going to be a multiple post thread which will eventually post on my upcoming blog page for future reference. It is currently under construction so stay tuned.

Donald Trump’s candidacy, if it has provided no other good thing, has revealed what some of us have suspected for some time. The Church has become amazingly secular and compartmentalized when it comes to casting a vote and participating in public policy debates and elections. South Carolina, the proverbial “buckle” of the Bible Belt, not only gave Trump the primary victory, but evangelical Christians were the reason for his coronation. Evangelicals broke, some say, 2 to 1 in favor of Trump. Whether that number is accurate, the point remains…Trump swayed “Bible-believing” Christian people. In fact, Trump is being heralded by pastors and Christian leaders in both South Carolina and across our nation as the one who can not only help America, but is providentially ordained by God to be THE ONE. Jerry Falwell, Jr., while not specifically endorsing Trump, illustrates this trend. Falwell certainly sent him away from Liberty with a glowing affirmation. His reasoning? He states, “We need a businessman for this moment”.Continue Reading